What the F Happened?

A Compilation of Opinions by Zalee Harris

St. Louis Political Demographics

Let’s talk about St. Louis Political Demographics Click Here to contribute to the Legal Fund for Justice for Michael Brown. For the record. I do not live in Missouri. I do not have family in Missouri. I was born and raised in Texas. My father was a very political man. During the late 1960’s my […]

Marching for Justice?

Today I want to talk about the double standard of how Marching for Justice is a Double Standard in Ferguson, MO. Given the state of racism in America, there is a lot I could talk about. Trust me, I will be posting a lot of issues in this section for discussion. I can’t wait to […]

Commercializing education for workforce development!

Commercializing education for workforce development!  Between 1989 and 1998 America implemented Federal laws that reformed its public education system to meet the workforce development needs of the 21st Century.  By the late 1990’s every state was forced into implementing school reforms necessary for commercializing education for workforce development. Goals 2000 Educate America of 1994.  School-to-work […]

Why Johnny Can’t Read

Why Johnny and can’t read I could open this up for a huge discussion on why Johnny can’t read and let it go from there and everybody would be right. But there is one fundamental reason why Johnny can’t read and that is what I want to detail in this blog. Is reading important? When […]

WTFH – Duck Dynasty

Getting to the root of the Duck Dynasty controversy!    WTFH Duck Dynasty Unless you’ve been in a coma or have been sleeping under a rock without service to a cellular telephone, by now, you have heard of the ‘latest’ political-correctness debacle. A&E suspended Phil Roberston from the #1 Reality Show in America – the […]

WTFH – Common Core Standards

  Why I do not support the National Common Core Standards! DISCLAIMER: I have been an education advocate since 1992. I do not mean the kind of advocate that follows a party and spew the political hype or agendas for the good of the party. No, I mean that I have been the kind of […]

Why did the government shutdown in 2013?

Why did the government shutdown in 2013? Why did the government shutdown in 2013? It’s complicated. To explain the political issues that could lead to a government shutdown, allow me to share my experience with the last shutdown the government went through seventeen years ago.  I researched the issues that in my opinion prove how […]

WTFH – Books Everyone Should Read

These are the books that I’ve read that I believe are books everyone should read to gain an understanding of education reform in America! NOTE: I am not going to give commentary or review of these books. With the exception of ONE Book, I am not going to list the date and time I read […]

WTFH – Walking While Black!

 Walking While Black June 4, 2012. A clean-shaven, neatly dressed 48-year old black guy, named A.J. Ali goes for a walk on St. John’s Lane just south of Route 40 in Howard, County, Maryland and gets stopped and interrogated by police as a robbery suspect because he “looks like he’s not from that neighborhood.”  Click […]

PROJECT: Help African children

Project: Help African Children My Name: Desmond Okezie COUNTRY: NIGERIA STUDIED: Project Management at British Project Management College, UK QUALIFICATION: Executive Master’s Certificate in Project Management Certified British Project Professional (BPP) It is our goal is to help African children by simply providing resources  to build a sustainable school structure to better their learning environment. […]

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