WTFH – Reading is fundamental!

Reading is fundamental

Is Reading fundamental?
Reading is Fundamental

Remember the day when we used to say “Reading is fundamental?” Parents! I have a few questions for you to think about when considering how your community school is teaching your child how to read.

Is your child learning phonics and reading so that he is able to self learn? Or is he being prepared to be a life-long learner? Do you know the difference? Does your school teach by phonics or phonics awareness? Can he or she sound it out or does she have to see a picture to say the word?  When Johnny reads does he sound like a robot or is he reading fluently?  Did he comprehend what you told him to do and does he understand instruction? Ever heard the term direct instruction? Do you know what that means? Does your school implement a school design program with a theme related to sports, hospitality, health, artist, science and technology, agriculture, culinary, community service, and/or getting along with others? Is there emphasis on international living and governments at your school? Is your child required to read Shakespeare in the second grade in a  zip code across town where you live or is he learning how to play fair with other children in your home zip code? Does your school teach music and arts?

 There are so many more questions that should be asked of your school. Try asking these questions. Will my child be allowed to bring home the books he or she reads in class? May I see a copy of the surveys you ask my child to take? May I see a copy of the middle school or high school assessments? What is the learning prescription or IEP (Individual Education Plan) you have developed for my child. What are the desired outcome for this school? What is the proficiency level set for this school? When my child graduates from high school in this community, will he or she be prepared for community college or university degree program? I could go on with more questions… If I were a parent of a school aged child, before I enrolled my child in any public school, I would most certainly ask these questions.