What the F Happened?

A Compilation of Opinions by Zalee Harris

WTFH – to Jobs and Justice?

50 Years later and jobs and justice are still issues for Blacks in America! A few weeks after my 56th Birthday, I am watching on television the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights March on Washington that was led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on August 28, 1963. The famous I Had A Dream […]

WTFH – To the New World Order?

Is there a plan for a New World Order? On the U. S. Dollar bill there are Latin words that mean certain things to certain people. For instance, the Latin words “annuit coeptis novus ordo seclorum” that can be found around the unfinished pyramid on the back of the U.S. Dollar bill means he who […]

WTFH – To gay rights in Russia?

What the F Happened to gay rights in Russia? In MOSCOW on August 24, Reuters reported that – Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree to tighten security in the Black Sea resort of Sochi during the 2014 Winter  Olympics, imposing restrictions on freedom of movement and assembly that critics said violated human rights. In […]

WTFH – Has MLK dream become reality?

  Has MLK dream become reality? I was born in August of 1957. Therefore, when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, led the Civil Rights March on Washing in 1963, I was six years old. My family lived in Dallas. My parents did not travel to D.C. to participate in this historical March. By the time, […]

WTFH – To Movie Entertainment?

  What happened to Movie Entertainment? Back in the early sixties, my parents took me and my 5 siblings to something called a drive-in movie theater. In a my father’s pick up truck, we would load up the cooler of ice, drinks, sandwiches, and snacks packaged up by mom. Man we had blankets, pillows, and […]

WTFH – Shovel ready jobs, seriously?

Since Year 2000, every candidate running for public office from State Senators to the President of the United States declare that they will support and fund, “Shovel Ready Jobs!” What the “F” Happened to everyday jobs for Americans? I grew up in a home with a father who owned a construction company. Talk about shovels? […]

WTFH – The same-sex marriage debate!

First I must disclose this about me. I do not support same-sex marriage. I like James Brown’s definition of life when he says “Its a man’s world…but it wouldn’t be nothing without a boy or a girl!”  Lets take Hollywood. At the end of movies where life as we know it is threatened, somehow, someway, […]

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