What the F Happened?

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Interesting Web Sites to Visit

Interesting Web Sites to Visit

Interesting Web Sites to Visit

 Interesting Web Sites to Visit

This site would not be complete if I failed to share other web sites that I either used to create this blog site or that I find interesting enough to share with you.

This means that these sites are getting visitors because of me. I Hope they would do the same for me. That is how the world wide web is supposed to work. Feel free to visit these sites. Enjoy the information. Share the information.

 Note: The criteria for me selecting your site for others to visit is (1) No political bias allowed, (2) no hate, (3) no religious extremes, (4) Information shared has to be unique, useful, educational, (4) no commercial gain, and must compliment the intent of this site strictly for dialog and discussions.

Interesting Web Sites to Visit

1.    What is the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution?    and  What is the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution?

2.  The Timeline of Jim Crow laws.    Timeline of Civil Rights Movement


3. Get Your Own Dirt – by William L. Pasieczny

4. The Famous Dead – an iEntry Network® publication

5. The Black List Pub – Blog site by KWASI Akyeampong

6.  The New Negro – by Derrick Williams

7.  A Field Negro/Photos – by Kenneth (?)   (Note: I disagree with the name of this site because I have a different understanding of what a Field Negro is; but the site is worth posting for you to visit because this person list all of the famous black men that married other races of women.

8. Understanding the Matrix – by the Matrix 101

9.  The Inside Job – by Films for Action

10.  State of Mind (The film) – by the Alex Jones YouTube Channel

11. Word Origins – by David Wilton

12. The Path of Education Reform in American from 1945 to Present

13. Creation of ZIP CODES (Zone Improvement Plan)

14. Dear Hillary Letter (A must read letter from Marc Tucker to Hillary Clinton that presented a plan for reforming public education in 1992 when Bill Clinton was elected President #42)

15.  Do you want to know what the demographic makeup of your community looks like to the government and anyone interested in your zip code? Click Here

16.  Are you planning to write a federal grant? Start Here

17.  Do you want to catch up on the issues? Do you know who the Governor and Senators are for each state? Do you know who the representatives are in the HOUSE and SENATE that make up our Congress? Do you know where each of these people stands on the issues? Do you know the issues? Are you aware that there is a group to keeps up polls/surveys on the issues? Do you know these reports are presented to Senators and Governors and that policies are decided upon based on these reports? Click Here and do your homework.

18.  The Papers of the Presidents:  The American Presidency Project is the only online resource that has consolidated, coded, and organized into a single searchable database.



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