What the F Happened?

A Compilation of Opinions by Zalee Harris

My Pet Eagles – A Virtural Experience!

My Pet Eagles Note: If you’ve been here before: Click Here because the two eggs have hatched. The baby eagles have arrived! Click Here Baby eagle DC4 is rescued and returned to the nest! Click Here Baby Eagles (DC4 and DC5) Naming Contest TBD May 3rd) If this is your first visit; START HERE My […]

The Ohio State 2017 NCAA Football Champions

Hello Visitors and Members: Today is Saturday, December 31, 2016; New Year’s Eve.  I am making my prediction now, that The Ohio State Buckeyes, will be the 2017 NCAA Football Champions! Why am I so certain that The Ohio State Buckeyes will be the 2017 NCAA Football Champions? Natural Gut! Its the Cinderella Team feeling you […]

Rachel Dolezal pioneer for a transracial society

Rachel Dolezal: Pioneer for a transracial society Before we begin, let me make something perfectly clear about me. I am an American born citizen born black with two black parents. I do NOT identify as African American because I was born in America and have never been to Africa. In fact, according to Ancestry and […]

Baltimore City State’s Attorney

Baltimore City State’s Attorney Baltimore City State’s Attorney, Marilyn Mosby In March/2013 a member of the Dallas Police Department shot my cousin’s unarmed son seven times and killed him. His name was Clinton Allen. He was not committing a crime. He was walking a night wild black. He was a new father of twin babies. […]


My battle with Breast Cancer  THE BREAST CANCER DIAGNOSIS Blog – 1 Continued from the INTRO on the front page I went through two and a half years of having a mammogram every six months. My doctors were concerned about a deep dark mass in my left breast. Every six months the test reported negative. […]

How to affect change!

WTFH How to affect change?   How to affect change! Please put away your partisan party loyalty. Study the representative/candidate and be smart with your vote. On December 13, 2014 (12/13/14), the U.S.  Congress passed a $1.1 trillion budget. Here’s some advice on how to affect change. Get a copy of this budget. “GAO”, Library of Congress, […]

Statistics on Police Shootings

Statistics on Police Shootings I bet if you asked every person you know each of them would tell you that they have been affected by a police shooting either personally, a close friend, or through a co-worker or member of community/church organization. Either way, police brutality or death by cop happens too often and is […]

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