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While starting out with Photoshop is a breeze, it can be tricky to become a master. Photoshop version 7 Released: January 24, 1998 Version details: First beta Support: Macintosh and Windows Most of the work of running Photoshop is stored on the desktop in the form of layers. Layers are groups of pixels that can contain information on a variety of subjects. For example, you can place text on a layer and change its color, size, and font at a later time. Sometimes, you can’t come up with a good idea of what your image is going to look like on the layer interface. This frustration often results in a mask, a square bitmap image that encompasses the subject and prevents that subject from being edited. The mask can be applied to any layer, but you should let Photoshop know when you’ve finished. If you’re not careful, Photoshop may apply the mask to another layer, causing you to lose the hard work you put in. Photoshop’s layers can be used to store layers of text, graphics, and backgrounds. You can use any of these items as a mask to separate the subject of an image from the background. Key features: • The layer control panel, which lists available layers • The Layers panel, which shows layers in edit order and facilitates copying and pasting • Layer masks • Dialogs that allow you to cut, copy, paste, and move layers • A myriad of text, graphic, and vector-drawing tools • Easy-to-use windowing options, such as window size, position, and opacity • Enhanced histogram, levels, and curves controls Photoshop version 6 Released: August 14, 1995 Version details: First beta Support: Macintosh and Windows In this version of Photoshop, a new GUI layout and features make image editing easier. Key features: • The layer palette, which holds all your layers • The Layers panel, which lists all open layers • The Gradient tool, which provides a simple and intuitive path-based way to apply gradients (color shades) to an image • A new box-selection tool that enables you to select an area of an image and then move, copy, cut, and paste that image within the selected area • A grid overlay that enables you to view a canvas split into

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This article will guide you on how to use PS Elements as a default photo editing tool for general editing of photos. Use this guide to learn how to use Photoshop Elements to edit a photo. It will be divided into three sections with corresponding guides: How to use Photoshop Elements? Let’s get started. How to use Photoshop Elements as default photo editing tool? PS Elements is your choice for general photo editing. How to create high quality photos from PS Elements? Generate high quality photos from any angle. Assign more features to Elements? Customize Photoshop Elements in all the way. How to edit photos using Photoshop Elements? Easy and intuitive editing that works both in your smart phone as well as on your desktop. How to sort photos in Photoshop Elements? Sort photos or videos in Elements in many ways. How to view photos in Photoshop Elements? Use the fullscreen mode to view the photo at 100% zoom. How to use Photoshop Elements as a photo editor? Step 1: Open and assign the RAW file. Step 2: Choose the effect to apply. Step 3: Fine-tune the photo. Step 4: Save the photo. Step 5: Repeat the process to edit the next RAW file. Step 6: Your photo is ready. Step 7: Use it in your photo editing software and save it for sharing. Step 1: Open and assign the RAW file. Make sure you open the RAW file. You can use any RAW editor. Open the RAW file and click on the RAW button. Step 2: Choose the effect to apply. If you want to apply a preset effect to your photo, open the Effects folder. Then, click on the effect you want to apply. Step 3: Fine-tune the photo. Choose one of the preset filters in the Edit menu. You can also customize the filter with a slider. Step 4: Save the photo. To save the photo, click on the Save button. Your photo will be saved in the main folder of Elements. Step 5: Repeat the process to edit the next RAW file. Click on the Preset button again to open the Preset pane. Browse through the folder to select the right preset for your photo. Step 6: Your photo is ready. 05a79cecff

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* Works on most Windows operating systems * Works on Mac OS 10.6 and above * Requires the latest version of Unity * Requires a NVIDIA supported graphics card * Requires a good internet connection * For best results, have a wide monitor and install in full-screen mode * Optimized for playstation 4 * Optimized for iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) * Optimized for android devices (Samsung/HTC/LG/Nexus) * Optimized for windows RT devices (iPad