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Note: The author of this article has previously referred to Photoshop as “massively dated.” While he continues to use and recommend Photoshop, he has come to the conclusion that programs like GIMP are more attractive to photo and graphics professionals.

What is Photoshop?

The most comprehensive definition of Photoshop is the following from the official Adobe website:

Photoshop is a combined image-editing and page-layout program for professional photographers, graphic artists and web designers. With Photoshop, you can do things like combine multiple photographs and layers, retouch and redraw objects on your image, use powerful tools to transform an image into something new, apply special effects such as blurring or lens flares, insert special effects into an image, combine text and images to create multimedia presentations, and organize your work into pages or books.

Photoshop is used to convert, clean up, and retouch photographs

The typical image manipulation tasks that Photoshop is used for are:

Cleaning up images

Adding text

Manipulating color

Interpolating transparent areas

Retouching in a fairly sophisticated way

Adding special effects

Creating photo composites (image stitching)

Using various filters

The learning curve can be steep if you don’t have experience with similar programs, but Photoshop is a powerful tool for digital manipulation.

A good starting point for Photoshop is the Basic Tutorials from Adobes Educational Channel. They can be found at:

In addition to tutorials, the Adobes website offers an array of Photoshop-related tutorials.

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Adobe Photoshop is loaded with features that make it possible to do all kinds of great image editing tasks. This article will focus only on some of the most important ones and present a quick and dirty way of learning a few of the most basic and popular ones.

What follows is a collection of useful Photoshop tutorials that you can use as a starting point for learning how to use some of the more basic Photoshop features. Some of the tutorials will teach you more than one tool, while others will teach you a specific feature.

Tutorials in this article may not be complete in themselves, so you can simply read through the tutorial and work on the various layers.

Other resources for Photoshop

Photoshop: Some Advanced Tutorials

1. Turn Me Black and White

Photoshop Brushes Free Download Cc 2019 Crack Free Download

Now we will look at the steps to install and use Photoshop Elements. We will also share the best image editing software for photography in 2019.


Installing Photoshop Elements

Every computer comes with an operating system. The operating system is a set of applications that work together to control and monitor various system functions.

Windows OS

Mac OS


The operating system installs a software called the kernel which controls various functions of the computer. It also acts as an interface for user applications. It is the software that enables us to do things on a computer.

Some of the functions of the kernel are:

Ports, Message Queues and the Network

Processing a Software Packaged

Hardware operations like Memory Management

Input and Output devices like keyboards, cameras and mouse.

Software that runs on the kernel is called an application. When you download a software, it will be packaged in a computer file. These files have a certain extension like.exe for Windows or.dmg for Mac. You can open them with your computer’s operating system using its default software. For example, you would need to open an.exe or.dmg file with Windows or the Mac OS, respectively.

Before we install Photoshop Elements, we should have Photoshop installed on our computer. After installing Photoshop, you can install Photoshop Elements using the.exes.

Mac OS

It is a free download software from the Mac App Store. You can download it in the Mac OS store using the F-Key or Spotlight. The OS will open automatically after you click on the download button on the Mac App Store website.

You will find Photoshop Elements in the Applications tab.

Windows OS

Download it from the Adobe website and the software will open in the new Tab.

Each computer comes with multiple software installed. Some of the important software installed are:

Internet Browser


Office suite

Photo editor

Document reader

Disk utility

System Management utility

If you are using a Windows computer, the default software is the Microsoft Windows Software Centre.

To install Photoshop Elements, navigate to the software you want to install and click on the Adobe icon in the top left corner.

Then click on the Install button on the page.

You can also find Photoshop Elements in the Microsoft Store.

Windows 10 needs UAC to be enabled

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