WTFH Comment and Blog Instructions

WTFH Comment and Blog Instructions
WTFH Comment and Blog Instructions


My name is Zalee Harris. I am the eBook author and host blogger of the “What the F Happened” web site. I hope you read my welcome page before you read these blog instructions. If not, please click here and read my welcome letter then return here.

 Done?; great. Welcome back.

 Thank you for visiting my site. Thank you for considering commenting on any one of the blogs I’ve created. Thank you for your willingness to share information and for teaching others what you know about a subject matter posted on this web site.

Look over to the right panel on this web site. Scroll down to the right side where you see Pages, Archives, Categories, Word Press – select register.

You can create an Avatar user name or use your name. The user name will show up on the site. No other information about you or your email will appear nor will anyone but me (the only site administrator) will have access to your profile. Once you register the site will send you an email with your password. Check your spam. Use the password to access the site following the instructions in the email you received from the system.

Once you have updated your profile, you are now ready to starting commenting, etc on each blog. You can pick a category, then a topic, and select “leave a comment” it will appear at the top right of each Blog Post. Type your comment and hit submit.

PS: You can select Subscribe and sign up to receive notifications each time someone comments or I post information on a topic you are interested in. This is great when you comment and you want to know when someone-else commented on your post.

You will see Archives Month and Year. Visiting this section helps you search through the many categories and comments posted by you and others in that month of that year.

Look over to the right beneath Archives and you will see Categories. I am the only one that can create a Category. If there is a Category that you would like me to create, please visit the Contact Me page, send me an email. Please provide me the Category’s Title and a detail description of the Category’s purpose. NOTE: All Categories on this will start with WTFH; no exceptions.

Each Category has a series of blog post topics. Click on a Category. Scroll through the blog topics. Each blog has a comment section. You decide which blog topic you want to comment on. Select ‘comment’ and start commenting.

Okay, have you liked my Facebook Fan Page? If not, click here, hit the like button, and return here. Are you following me on Twitter? If not, click here, follow me now, and return here.

Are you as excited about this blog site as I am? Do you think you might frequently visit this site? Do you plan to comment often and on more than one blog? If you answered yes to one of these questions, then I have added the perfect feature on this site just for you. Its called the RSS feed.

The Really Simple Syndication allows you receive notifications each time someone comment on a blog that you also commented on; if you are really interested in a particular blog, then go to the bottom right of this page, click on RSS Feed and complete the notification request for the blog you want to monitor. Yes, of course you can come to this site and stop the notifications anytime.

Before you leave, don’t forget to register and become a subscriber. What is a subscriber on this site? Before you can comment on any blog, you must be a subscriber. No, you will not get a rash of emails, junk mail, or spam. Unless, this site is hacked, I am the only person that will have access to your email. (BTW, the company I am using to host this site has just about every form of security you can name attached to this application.) The only email or notices you will receive are the notices you signed up for when you selected the RSS Feed for the Category or Blog Post you want to keep up with. Subscribing is easy. User name, email, and password. You set up a profile. If you do not want anyone to know who you are, create a user name that does not identify you. Look over to your left under Word Press, click on Register and follow the instructions.

Note: This is my Blog Site. I write the Blogs and you comment. If your comment on a blog or blogs require feedback, response, or additional comments, then great! That is the purpose of this blog. I will respond to all that is asked of me. You may professionally disagree with me; hate, curse, call names, or be disrespectful will not be tolerated and I will delete your comment and remove your subscription. No disrespect, but if you want to be the administrator of a blog, then start your own blog and write your own blog instructions as I have.

Finally, this site will become the go-to-site for people to communicate and dialog on hot-topic issues that affects us all. You will want to be a part of the public discourse that changes behaviors and solves problems. I appreciate your time. Welcome aboard.

 Zalee Harris, author, eBook and Blogger

“What the F Happened”


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