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WTFH – to Jobs and Justice?

50 Years later and jobs and justice are still issues for Blacks in America!

Jobs and Justice

Jobs and Justice

A few weeks after my 56th Birthday, I am watching on television the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights March on Washington that was led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on August 28, 1963. The famous I Had A Dream Speech was delivered to the amazement of hundreds of thousands representing all walks of life from the organizers to those that spoke or participated in the memorable event.

At issue, was Jobs and Justice, civil and voting rights. Jobs and Justice! Understand, I grew up in Texas…a state that had to be sued by the federal government forcing them to integrate their public schools. My father opposed integration. His argument was that he did not understand how busing me to a majority white school to so that I could sit beside a white student would make me smarter. Jobs and Justice.

When I study history, I learned that blacks in America was more prosperous after the 13th Amendment passed in Congress in 1865; followed by a series of Reconstitution Laws. Section 1. of the 13th Amendment reads: “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

Yes, there was a transition to be made because slaves were not prepared to live free, but soon after the uniting of the southern states, Africans that had been slaves found themselves in position to lead and educate themselves. The passing of the Reconstruction Act of 1867 was to create military districts and to grant citizenship and to protect civil liberties of the recently freed slaves.

By 1872, Reconstruction saw the election of an African American senator, Hiram Revels of Mississippi, and several members of the House from the South. After a brief period of Republican control in the South which saw major improvements in business development, home ownership, and voting rights. In fact, during the 41st and 42nd Congress, these freed Africans not only were able to freely vote but, elected seven Black Senators.

By 1875, Congress passed the Civil Rights law prohibiting discrimination in public places and the free use of land and water. The Reconstruction Era ended in 1877. Southern States regained their strength to oppressed Blacks in Congress and in local and state governments.

In search of Jobs and Justice, in 1879, Blacks left the South and moved West. In 1882, Whites started lynching Blacks and by 1890 all of the Southern States had passed laws that disenfranchised Black voters. In 1896, the state of Louisiana passed a law that prevented Blacks from sitting on trains in the same seats as whites; introducing segregation between whites and blacks, which violated the intent of the 14th Amendment that was ratified in 1868.

By 1914, all Southern states and most Northern states had passed some form of Jim Crow law that segregated Blacks from Whites and disenfranchised blacks in business, public places, education, politics, and government. World War 1 started and in 1917, some 370,000 black entered into service.

In 1955, in the state of Maryland if you were a white woman and gave birth to a mixed race child, you could go to prison. From 1882, to 1951 some 3438 blacks were lynched in America. (I find it interesting that there is a historical count of the number of blacks that were lynched). Also in 1955, Rosa Parks took a seat at the front of the bus starting a movement of ringing in freedom.

 States passed laws preventing schools from enrolling Blacks in White schools and blocking voting rights for Blacks. In 1956, Martin Luther King, Jr., launched a movement on Civil Rights. 

In 1963, at the age of 34, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, delivered the famous “I Had A Dream Speech!” Decreeing Civil Rights, Voting Rights, Desegregation of public places and schools, and Jobs and Justice.

In 1963, President John F. Kennedy promoted voters rights for minorities in America. He cited the 1875 Voter’s Rights Act when Blacks were free. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in the Fall of 1963. The then Vice President, Lyndon B. Johnson signed into the law, the Voter’s Right Act of 1964 (it had to be corrected and revised in 1965).  And from 1964 – 1968 entitlement programs were established for blacks, welfare, subsidize housing, free and reduced lunched meals, and under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 saw the largest changes in Black America – voter’s rights, civil rights, and education reforms – Click here to read the American Promise Speech that President Johnson gave to Congress on the night when violence hit Selma Alabama after a Martin Luther King march for Jobs and Justice.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated in April of 1968. Click here to learn more about the Civil Rights Movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,

When news broke that Dr. King had been assassinated, urban riots broke out across the nation in cities like Baltimore, the District of Columbia, Detroit, Chicago, New York, New Jersey, and Los Angeles. Black people rioted and burnt down their own communities and neighborhoods. Communities where their parents and grandparents owned corner stores, barber shops, hair salons, grocery stores, print shops, and churches and private schools – were demolished by the very people whose parents marched on Washington to fight for Jobs and Justice. And for forty-years we paid for it with loss of jobs, poor housing, police abuse, and health care services.

Civil Rights leaders, movie stars, musical artists, and professional athletes came out in groves to calm the storms of racial unrest.

Despite the riots, America pushed forward to enact the Voter’s Rights Act of 1968, education reform, and jobs and justice. But we got complacent.  We settled in on welfare and raised three generations on being hungry with a ham in our mouths. More of our son died in wars, went to prisons, or died because of failed health issues. Our daughters had babies out of wedlock and became the head of household and single parents depending on the government for food, clothes, heath care, housing, and education. The Ghetto was created. The line of Poverty had been drawn in our cities and by zip code we knew where crime started and stopped.

 Those that moved out of the Ghetto never looked back and those that stayed in the Ghetto blamed everybody but themselves for their inability create and maintain a self-sustaining life for themselves and their children.  The 1980’s I believe were the best years for Black America when it comes to economic prosperity, social equality, political, and healthy living. And yet, with all these accomplishments in rear view mirror we got lazy. We got complacent. We thought we arrived. We acted as if we could not fail. We strutted like Peacocks showing off our jobs, our cars, our degrees, our government positions, our homes, our vacations, our children’s college education, our stocks, bonds, and self-employment. 

We got to the point in our life that even if one of children was a victim of police brutally, we believed as did our racist counterparts that the child either was in the wrong place at the wrong time, he was not raised right, or he brought on his death by committing a criminal act. You would think that all that we’d gone through, we would learn how to pull together; NOT! We went our separate ways and learned to live the way the whites that once beat us for standing in line trying to vote!

I am so sorry that this post is as long as it is, but in order for you to get the points I am raising, you have to walk through the history. Because if we were able to do so much and come through all that we have, then you have got to ask the same question I asked when I started this Blog: “What the F Happened?”

I am sure you will have lots of comments to share about what you think happened to Black America. I woke up Sunday morning to a Washington Post news article that reported that politicians in Congress believe that in 50 years since the March on Washington took place in 1963, Blacks have taken a back seat to gays and Hispanics. That is a powerful statement.

Why?  What say you?

The amendment was designed to grant citizenship to and protect the civil liberties of recently freed slaves. – See more at:
The amendment was designed to grant citizenship to and protect the civil liberties of recently freed slaves. – See more at:
The amendment was designed to grant citizenship to and protect the civil liberties of recently freed slaves. – See more at:

WTFH – To the New World Order?

New World OrderIs there a plan for a New World Order?

On the U. S. Dollar bill there are Latin words that mean certain things to certain people. For instance, the Latin words “annuit coeptis novus ordo seclorum” that can be found around the unfinished pyramid on the back of the U.S. Dollar bill means he who approves the New World Order – or he who approves what has begun. That sounds like a decree or agreement to a planned agenda to me.

And also on the U.S. Dollar bill, under the Great Seal in the Eagle’s beak are the Latin words “E PLURIBUS UNUM”, which means “Out of Many One.” The symbols on America’s currency have been there since the 1700’s when U.S. Currency was first approved. It is easy to conclude that our currency and or constitution were completed around the time that our Declaration was announced. Was a decree or order established? If so, has that order been met?

Is there a plan for a New World Order? Let us travel from the beginning of America and study our economic progress.

Once upon a time, Europeans that left their country settled on shores and land that is today known as the United States of America.  These Europeans purchased humans that had been taken from Africa by traders and sold them into slavery in different parts of the world. People that thought they were supreme over all, traded dark skinned humans for land, animals, food, and other goods and services. Slavery was huge business. 

In the days of the 1500’s and the 1700’s in the Colonial days before America was united, the measure of land, size of the animal herds,  and the number of slaves determined how wealthy you were.

Wars between those that disagreed with the new thought that Africans were no longer 3/5 human and being and treated the same as property and animals was a violation of God’s Word.  Things got really hot, when the Quakers who once were the largest owners and traders of Africans found themselves leading the argument of the same religious belief that was used to justify slavery when Africans were not considered Christians, now had to look at their behavior and free the slaves because most had become Christians like them. The Revolutionary War brought about several economic treaties with the first Americans (the Indians). It stopped trade exporting and importing of humans for slavery,  the creation of the Navy, George Washington named the Commander-in-Chief, rebellions on taxes (Tea Parties), and all sorts of resistance to the development of taxation and citizenship.  The Revolutionary War ended with the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the New Hampshire ratification of the U.S. Constitution. The people that lived during these wars (1764-1776), dealt with civil unrest and opposition to ‘forced British ruler-ship’; and it was based on economics.

The Civil War followed the Revolutionary War. By the mid-19th century, while the United States was experiencing an era of tremendous growth, a fundamental economic difference existed between the country’s northern and southern regions.    While in the North, manufacturing and industry was well established, and agriculture was mostly limited to small-scale farms, the South’s economy was based on a system of large-scale farming that depended on the labor of black slaves to grow certain crops, especially cotton and tobacco.” The Civil War ended with the 16th President of the United States of America signing into Constitutional law, the 13th Amendment, which freed the slaves that created a new economy.

Fast forward to the 1980’s. By the time the Regan/Bush presidential era took over from President Jimmy Carter (the 39th President), America had seen the rise and fall of the economy: the fall of the stocks, the creation of Unions, mob and gang controlled government leaders, establishment of global banks and savings and loans. Ronald Reagan won by a landslide over Jimmy Carter largely because the economy of the 1970’s system had tanked! The next twelve years Americans would hear radical economic changes whose legacy in these days are known as Reaganomics and Voodoo Economics.

In these twelve years, there were series of global economic treaties enacted. Most of these treaties reformed treaties that had been signed were functioning since the early 20th Century.  Enter center-stage, the North American Free Trade Agreement (a.k.a. NAFTA). A proposal promised by President Reagan during his presidential campaign to combine the economic needs and dependencies of Canada, Mexico, and the United States into one economic region, which created the start of outsourcing of American jobs to Mexico and Canada. NAFTA was President Reagan’s solution for keeping people in their home countries by providing low-income manufacturing and farming economic opportunities  in those countries and allowing American companies to buy back products and services generated by these regional outsourcing agreements. This was supposed to stop or decrease the flow of illegal aliens from Mexico. Vice President Herbert Walker Bush (Bush 41) took over as President when Reagan’s term concluded.  Jobs leaving America did not stop the flow of illegal aliens and the heated discussion over how or whether education needed to be reformed became the two biggest reasons Bill Clinton took Bush 41’s second term from him and became America’s 42nd President.

Bill Clinton signed the NAFTA plan that Bush 41 had planned to sign had he been re-elected.  But in 1994, President Clinton revised NAFTA and gave it a new agenda . Under Clinton’s NAFTA, American Corporations received huge tax incentives for forming partnerships, closing their business in America and moving to another country to train and employ poor people all over the world. World Trade was in full force. America has been loosing jobs for some twenty-five years to other countries because of these global economic trade agreements.

Under the Clinton administration, public education saw it most radical reforms. School to work was promoted by Hillary Clinton as the means to the end for developing job skills in poor people living in urban communities that will not go to college. The transformation of the public school into global workforce development centers. Children from birth to university started being prepared to serve their corporate masters by creating ‘human capital’. This new ‘buzz-word’ hit the education reform scene around 1998 when four years of the School-to-work of 1994 had four years to take hold in our schools (zip code education), so that the Workforce Development and (the revision of the) Carl D. Perkins Acts of 1998 could put the final touches on education reform for the global economy.

WTFH – How education destroyed Hip Hop!

How education destroyed Hip Hop!

How education destroyed Hip Hop!


How education destroyed Hip Hop!

Let me get a few things out of the way before we begin this dialog. NUMBER – 1: This is a beautiful picture of some of the most talented young black people who became famous because of their ability to use words in rhythm to share experiences affecting their lives that has ever lived. Kudos to the artist that put this picture together to whom I credit at the end of this blog post.

Number 2: Although they all are very smart and became self-sustaining, most of the people in this picture is either dead, been to jail, or have a criminal past.

Number 3: In order to be famous, every person in this picture had to be or pretend to be a bad boy or a bad girl.

Number 4: I would love to interview a few of these people because I have a strong feeling that their definition of happiness is not what they rapped about in their music.

And Number 5: I am certain that none of these talented young folk taught their children to live the life they rapped about.

Now having qualified those things, when death, violence, sex, speed, drugs, and failure have been glamorized to the point that they only way to make money is to shed blood, add sex, spew anger, and promise revenge, then what should we expect of the generation that received this ugliness?

It takes about ten years for something that have been sowed into culture to cultivated and become reality in the people they birthed.

Now two generations are messed up. The children that grew up listening to these hard-cord hip-hop rappers did not have the economic resources that these people had after they broke into this business.

Besides, the five points I make above, the difference between these rappers and the average person that listens to their rap is the rappers of the 80’s & 90’s generation received an education that taught the English and comprehension using phonics. Yes, I am saying that the rappers in this picture – the very ones that set the hip-hop scene into play for the current generation, received an education that taught them to comprehend, be self-learners, and read fluently. Their education system included real math, arts, and music. Their education system included proper penmanship and a facsimile of business etiquette and relationship management. These rappers were exposed to teachers that could create their own classroom syllabus, curriculum and instruction, and learning resources without state mandates. If any of these rappers when to college or attended an university, their professors were not politically bias and did not care whether they were a boy or or girl, they wanted excellence!

You may have heard the word “Nigger” as a term of endearment and on occasion it was used to demean another man who lived in opposite of the rapper’s expectation. The “F” or M-F word was use to put emphasis on a topic or in place of an adjective. Rarely did one of these rappers call a woman a Bitch or a hoe unless it was to face off on someone else calling their mother, sister, or girl one of those names. Are you getting my point? These were rappers not of the now hip-hop scene. Do not get it twisted. There is a difference. You only have to know the names of the artist in this picture and really know their rap to know their message. They did not consider themselves hip hop artist. These were rappers that properly used the King’s English even if it dropped the “F” and “N” word for emphasis. (no pun-intended)!

So “What the “F” Happened?”

The education system is what happened.

All of a sudden, schools in the majority black community did not teach art or music unless the school taught art and music as a workforce development skill associated with outcome-based education.  All of a sudden, schools in the majority black community did not teach phonics based English, reading, and math; some schools did not teach reading at all, and don’t even ask if they taught reading comprehension.  No, most of today’s elementary and secondary students were talk to see the picture and say the word and they were not taught to comprehend the meaning of the word nor were they taught to explain what they just read in a sentence. You know the difference by the way the the child sound when they read. If they sound like robots – they were not taught to read nor comprehend and they were not phonics taught – they received ‘direct instruction’. While you were told that our children were getting smaller class size so that they could receive better direct instruction from the teacher…what you got was a teacher having to tell your child what to do step by step because he or she could not figure it out for themselves. This is why in the early 90’s McDonald’s had to put their food items on the cash-register keys because your child could not figure our change. This is why when you tell Johnny to sweep the floor, he does just that; he swept the floor. When you return, their is a pile of dirt where you told Johnny to sweep. You did not tell him to sweep, pick it up, put it in the trash, and empty to trash…step by step.

So what does that have to do with the Hip Hop industry, you ask? If the rappers of the 1980’s and early 90’s rapped about things that affected their family, community, and general life, then when the education system was dumb-down in the majority minority communities, rap turned hip-hop could only rap about what they knew, which was nothing.

They had not learned anything. Most of today’s rappers do not even know how to have clean sex. I am not talking about the 1990’s rappers that turned Hip Hop with the trend of the new style of rap. I am talking about the jokers and female wannabe’s that are not yet 30 years old today. Listen to their lyrics and to their rhythm say these words… “see spot run”.  All of their beats  sounds like they had a second grade education. Therefore, since all they know is what little they have experienced, their rap lyrics reveals the limit of ability to make music to your ears. Now factor in the fact that the industry itself helped make bad music because hard-core sells and you have yourself some horrible music going into the brains of this new generation only to guarantee that the next generation will be worse than ever.

My father used to tell me that he could tell what I was thinking by the type of music I listened to…that was true for me in the 70’s and it is true today. How education destroyed Hip Hop! Its the education system, stupid! That is the root of what is learned and what is the outcome.

What effect does this failed outcome based education system have on the family, the economy, and our culture?

Let’s talk about it.

Free Picture by: HipHopCulture-by-kolongi



WTFH – To gay rights in Russia?

WTFH to gay rights in Russia?

WTFH to gay rights in Russia?

What the F Happened to gay rights in Russia?

In MOSCOW on August 24, Reuters reported that – Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree to tighten security in the Black Sea resort of Sochi during the 2014 Winter  Olympics, imposing restrictions on freedom of movement and assembly that critics said violated human rights. In short the news is that during the 2014 Olympics, no one can talk about gay rights in certain areas of the 2014 Winter Olympics around children. This ban goes into affect in Jan 2014 and ends in March 2014. One month before the Olympics starts and one month after the Olympics end.

So what are corporate sponsors that by law are forced to support gay rights in Russia or anywhere else in the world’s games? What about gays – those that are open about being gay who will be athletes in the Winter Olympic Games, during interviews about their travel, their sport, their family, are they restricted from talking about their children?

What about the many gay commentators that work for hundreds of news companies from all over the world that will be there covering the Winter Olympic Games live for the duration? What about the many gay news anchors that will work here but cover the Winter Olympic Games there?

Putin a a man of controversy! This one will be interesting to watch play out throughout the world.  The strategic method by which the dates are set means that no protests will be allowed before, during, or after the Winter Olympic games are held in Russia.  I have a question for Mr. Putin, how will you enforce your decree all over the world?

To you, the visitor, what do you think about what Putin has decreed concerning gay rights in Russia during the 2014 Winter Olympic Games?

WTFH – Has MLK dream become reality?

Has MLK dream become reality?

Has MLK dream become reality?

  Has MLK dream become reality?

I was born in August of 1957. Therefore, when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, led the Civil Rights March on Washing in 1963, I was six years old. My family lived in Dallas. My parents did not travel to D.C. to participate in this historical March. By the time, I was six, my parents had four small children. My father was the local union president and was self-employed. I am told that my family watched the march on TV and listened to the radio. Unlike the failures of other fathers, my father reminded me throughout my life that I had to be a fighter for rights and freedoms of people who looked liked me for education and freedom.

My father taught me that the government do not owe me anything. I grew up believing that the only thing the government owes me is protection from invasion of other countries, law enforcement within our borders, and due to federal compulsory education laws, it must provide every citizen an education. Housing, health care, employment, and food, were not owed to me, which makes me responsible to obtain and maintain.

No entitlements! This is one of my favorite topics. What the “F” happened to the dignity of the Negro?

Negro? Ops that has got to be the problem – the word Negro. Let’s start there. If you are black, born any where in these United States of America, and were born before 1975, look at your birth certificate. You are a Colored.

If you were born between 1975 and 1985 – look at your birth certificate. You are a Negro. People born after 1985? Your birth certificate may say Black, African American, Negro, or other. Today, if you do not have your child’s father’s name on the birth certificate, your child’s race may not be defined at all.

With the number of inter-relational births – its hard to know what the parents will allow their children to be labeled. That’s a discussion on a different blog post. But for the discussion to be held here, we are talking about the person that looks like me who was born in the 50’s, who grew up by parents who were 30-something during Dr. King’s Civil Rights work! Fifty-years ago. Those people were black parents who became grand, great, and great great parents before they retired or died.

Blog Discussion

1. Dr. King was assassinated in April of 1968; five years after he held the Civil Rights March on Washington 50 years ago. Lets talk about what he accomplished between August of 1963 and April of 1968 because somehow people want us to think that Dr. King’s legacy was integration,  economic opportunities, voting rights, and equal rights. I want to hear from you. What laws were passed and how did they affect “Black America” and what effect did the passing of the laws have on “White Americans” especially those that were decision-makers.

2. Let’s talk about those Black Parents and those so called Civil Rights leaders who claimed they were active and participated in the march and fought for our rights and freedoms. What did they do in those three years to help ensure what Dr. King fought for would benefits us for generations?

3. What is the difference between the children whose parents raised them with the presence of Civil Rights and the children whose parents raised them to be dependent on society.

4. As a people, where are we now? What have we accomplished? Since 1963, how far have we moved forward?

5. As a people, how far backwards have we moved?

6. Has MLK dream become reality? If so, define freedom. If  not, define freedom.

Note: This is not a Blog topic for gay rights or a rainbow color.  There is a different category for gay rights. There is only one color of people we are discussing in this blog and that is those with the racial destination on their birth certificates as Negro, Black, or African American. Thank you for respecting this discussion.


WTFH – To Movie Entertainment?

Movie entertainment  What happened to Movie Entertainment?

Back in the early sixties, my parents took me and my 5 siblings to something called a drive-in movie theater. In a my father’s pick up truck, we would load up the cooler of ice, drinks, sandwiches, and snacks packaged up by mom. Man we had blankets, pillows, and one or two sleeping bags. Dad would pull in backwards with the truck bed facing the big screen and connect the outdoor speaker to the back of the truck and we watched King Kong movies. Wow! What a treat.

From 1933 to the drive-in theater movie business was known for being family friendly. Click here to learn more about the history of Drive-In Movie Theaters.

Movie entertainment

What happened to movie entertainment?

In the background of this economic battle a cultural shift was taking place. People did want to spend $20 on popcorn and movie tickets to see Mary Poppin or the Wizard of Oz. The appetite for violence, blood, gore, and sexual content was growing and the demand was too great to accommodate this seasonal entertainment venue.

In the same generation where Diana Ross blasted “I’m coming Out” on the disco scene, in 1981, the first of its kind music television channel came out at cable’s MTV. Suddenly, music and movies were in the same business.

People wanted to know as much about their favorite music artist as they knew about their movie stars and other famous people. People demanded a safe and comfortable place to go to watch these new movies.  There had been countless indoor movie theaters – they go back as far as silent movie theaters; maybe even farther.  Before these were indoor movie theaters, they were theaters you could go to watch real and live movie stars act.

By the mid-1970’s the craze for more violence was like a drug addiction. First you start out with the light stuff and the next thing you know, you are into the hard core drugs. The same with the movies and music videos. The only difference was protecting copy-rights required regulation. It made it easy to create a franchise membership. Now you have a traceable system in place that enures everyone will get their share of the business. There was so much blood and gore in these modern movies that parents and family advocacy groups demanded cleaner more family friendly movies. Precedent setting First Amendment cases won in court forces lawmakers to regulate the movie and music industry with a ‘Rating System’.

If you don’t like what’s on TV,  change the channel. Great, but parents could not change the channel for their unsuspecting innocent children. Parent controls became very popular and even more so today… There are commercials showing how parents are able to block their children from watching certain movies.

Major cable channels have categorized their movies themes, which I actually like. This is an opportunity to say thank you to them for doing so. Because some of these movies aren’t fit for me to watch and ought never been published. But this is not a blog for criticizing movies. We are discussing movies, the movie venues, and the changes made in movie entertainment since the movie entertain began.

What happened? What say you?

WTFH – Should same-sex couples be able to adopt children?

Should same-sex couples be able to adopt children

Should same-sex couples be able to adopt children

Should same-sex couples be able to adopt children

Should same-sex couples be able to adopt children

 Should same-sex couples be able to adopt children?

This is a topic that have been debated since gays turned up the heat on being allowed to get married sometime are around 2002. I have questions. What are the pros and cons in any of the  questions listed below?

What states allow gay adoption? If a straight person has children from a previous relationship, declares they are gay, gets married to their gay partner, should the gay partner adopt the child? Do the grandparents of the child from the previous relationship have a say so in the adoption approval? Now that they are same-sex partners, and a child is involved, does one gay partner play the role of the mother and the other play the role of the father? What kind of family court laws need to be created or changed to provide government or civil services to same-sex families. We need to hear from children over age 18 that were raised by same-sex partners – share your experience with us. What was it like to be raised by same sex parents? Did you feel you were raised in a mother/father environment? Did you experience any form of hate, bullying, or discrimination because your parents were a same sex couple? Are you straight or gay?

WTFH – Let’s talk real about transgender issues!

Let's talk real about transgender issues!

Let’s talk real about transgender issues!

Let’s talk real about transgender issues! 

I have to admit, I was fooled and have been several times about knowing whether a person is transgender. This is a picture of a man, whose gender is that of a woman. A beautiful woman. What is the definition of transgender? A human being that wants the rights of a woman and wants to be accepted as a woman.

People are no longer cross-dressing for entertainment to have fun or to make a few dollars.  I am not broad stroking all cross-dressers, but more and more, people are changing their genders and want to be respected in their new sex.  What do a man go through to look this beautiful. He or she is more beautiful than 99% of women. I’m just saying.  Let’s talk about the transgender life. Do they want to be called gay or transgender? Should they be allowed to share restrooms label for women? What is their sexual preference? What happens when a male decides he wants to be a woman and requests his employer’s health insurance to pay for all of the therapy sessions, hormone treatments, and surgeries?

Should health care HMOs be required to cover this change in life? A transgender would also need to change his or her name, right? Then what about the social security number and all of the forms of ID#? What if in their previous life they had a criminal record, bad credit, domestic violence, or they had a documented terminal disease that they did not want anyone to know about?   Do we need more laws to protect them in medical, criminal, discrimination, and family courts?

Should pre-K through high schools and colleges teach us how to interact with transgenders? Which is easier to transform going from a man to a woman or going from a woman to a man? What is the difference between transsexual and transgender? When did we stop using  the term transsexual?

Let’s talk real about transgender issues!

WTFH – Shovel ready jobs, seriously?

Shovel ready jobs, seriously?

Shovel ready jobs, seriously?

Since Year 2000, every candidate running for public office from State Senators to the President of the United States declare that they will support and fund, “Shovel Ready Jobs!” What the “F” Happened to everyday jobs for Americans?

I grew up in a home with a father who owned a construction company. Talk about shovels? I think I understand a few things about shovel projects. This blog will discuss why since 2000, prominent leaders promoted and promised “Shovel Ready” projects as if there were no other kind of employment opportunities for American citizens. Shovel Ready projects – highway, transportation, demolition, new commercial construction, building stadiums, or some other construction that involved a shovel were jobs that most American do not want to do said Presidents George Bush, President Obama, and all of the candidates that ran for office from 2000 to date. Whenever I see a shovel project, all I see are White men overseeing non-English speaking Hispanics on highway or commercial construction projects. Since 2004, things have gotten so bad, Black people that own small businesses that do construction, renovation, landscaping, or something involving a shovel, have started to hire more Hispanics than other minorities. I want to talk about “What the “F” Happened” and why this is.

WTFH – The same-sex marriage debate!

The same-sex marriage debate!

The same-sex marriage debate!

The same-sex marriage debate!

The same-sex marriage debate!

The same-sex marriage debate!

The same-sex marriage debate!

The same-sex marriage debate!

The same-sex marriage debate!

First I must disclose this about me. I do not support same-sex marriage. I like James Brown’s definition of life when he says “Its a man’s world…but it wouldn’t be nothing without a boy or a girl!” 

Lets take Hollywood. At the end of movies where life as we know it is threatened, somehow, someway, Hollywood makes sure that a man and a woman makes it to the end of the movie. Okay, so you don’t like that one. I hear that a man and a woman is at the space station together. What’s really going on up there?

Have we screwed up traditional marriage so much that allowing these alternative life styles have become the only option?

Okay, if loving someone of the opposite sex and marrying them is law, then why not create a law that would allow someone to married whomever they love? Well the whomever is the operative word. Whomever equates to being human. How long would it before the argument is had that a human wants to marry an animal? Love is a feeling that a human has for another human. Could laws be changed that would redefine love so that a human can marry whatever or whomever they love?  We know that anything is possible. In the meantime, let’s address the issue at hand; the gay rights issue of same-sex marriage.

Let’s talk about same-sex marriage as it relates to: Divorce, raising children, domestic violence, benefits, health care, religious affiliations, the economic and political systems, housing and employment discrimination, employment and career opportunities, and same-sex life-style.

Let’s talk about these issues as to how allowing same-sex people to be legally married has changed our cultural. Is it a game changer? Please do not express hate. Lets just talk about the pros and cons on the above issues.

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